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The financial services sector in Luxembourg is currently facing major disruptions linked to technological developments, which are modifying the creation of value in the ecosystem, all in a context of unprecedented crises:

Fragmentation of the value chain and intensification of competition with new players FinTechs and Bigtechs, agile and opportunistic, which bring a superior value proposition

Growing impact of international (EU/US Directives) and local (CSSF/CAA Circulars) regulations

Growing shortage of expertise and qualified resources available following the “Big Quit” phenomenon which is accentuated in a market driven by supply

Consideration and commitment of companies to new social and environmental issues


These disruptions raise questions for historical players in the sector:

How to ensure the collection of customer data while guaranteeing their security?

How to capitalize on customer data to build a personalized offer and reposition its service offer in front of fully digitalized Fintechs/Bigtechs?

What digital transformation strategy should be put in place to ensure better management of its internal performance, redefine its business model and strengthen its customer relationship?

How do you maintain profitability in the face of ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements?

How to respond to the talent war, retain employees and rethink collaboration at work at the time of the “Great Resignation”?

What strategy should be adopted to respond to new CSR challenges?


Implementation of data governance and change of organizational culture around new digital challenges

Accelerate digital transformation by automating processes by identifying the most value-creating use cases and industrializing them

Adopt an end-to-end approach to improve customer engagement and ensure loyalty

Consolidate structural responsiveness to the proliferation of legal texts in the financial sector

Create a sense of community by rethinking the collaborative culture through training and loyalty programs with our consultants in order to bring the requirement and expertise as a value proposition to our customers

Respond to new societal challenges by deploying new practices with high potential around CSR and sustainable development

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Public administration

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Our Know-how

Data management

Today, leveraging the various data sources your company is generating has become a fundamental business concern. We provide our customers the promise of a data-driven company to improve productivity and accuracy across all business processes.

Management and transformation

Rethinking project management is critical within any company nowadays. We believe new approaches must be based on rigorous methodological organization, combined with collaborative and participative human management.

Customer experience

Companies now have a pool of information that they must put at the service of their customers' expectations. In order to make the most of this data, we help you put your customers at the center of the offer strategy.

Operational excellence

As an indispensable service, back office (BO) has the mission to be a first- level administrative and accounting support to the front office. We guide our clients through the significant new challenges faced by the back office, as BO operators now operate in a highly computerized world requiring them to rethink their entire service offering.

Risk, legal and compliance

The increasing and ever more precise and ambitious degree of compliance requirements set by the various competent authorities is one of the significant challenges that our customers are facing. This growing pressure of compliance demands continuous support and guidance, which we guarantee our clients through permanent regulatory monitoring.

Security & Governance

As business needs grow, systems become more complex and require increasingly sophisticated tools. The hybridization of working methods, combining both remote and in-person work, encourages a complete reassessment of the company's relationship with the traditional network perimeter. We allow our customers to anticipate those changes through an entire cloud or cyber technology solution.
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Commitment and innovation

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Innovating for our customers means creating value for the company of tomorrow

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Innovating for our customers means creating value for the company of tomorrow

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